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Title: CreepTD Type: Linux Game
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License type: FOSS/Libre Binary: ✓
License: GPL v3 Source: ✓
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Visual: 2D Quality (record): 5 stars
Pacing: Turn-Based Quality (game): 5 stars
Played: Single & Multi Contrib.: Goupil & Louis
ID: 10675 Created: 2012-08-26
Updated: 2020-11-11


[fr]: Un jeu de défense de tours [en]: An online multiplayer towerdefense game for 2-4 players playing on one map. It's the mother of all TD games.


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Description [fr]

Un jeu de défense de tours, par la CreepTD Team.
En Java.

CreepTD est un jeu de défense de tours mono (IA) et multijoueur (jusqu'à 4) en ligne.
Son gameplay consiste à trouver le meilleur compromis entre attaquer vos adversaires en leur envoyant des vaisseaux attaquants et défendre vos vies contre l'arrivée de vaisseaux ennemis via la construction de structures de défenses.
Au démarrage vous recevez 200 crédits et 20 vies et un revenu par tour de 200 crédits. Si un vaisseau parvient à franchir votre tableau complètement vous perdez une vie.
Envoyer des vaisseaux vous coûtera quelques crédits mais augmentera vos revenus au prochain tour.
Un tour dure 15 secondes et quand un tour est terminé vos crédits augmentent votre revenu actuel.
Dans cet esprit, la meilleure stratégie est basée sur la construction des quelques tours requises et l'envoi du plus grand nombre de vaisseaux possible ...

Description [en]

CreepTD is an online multiplayer towerdefense game for 2-4 players playing on one map. It's the mother of all TD games.

It's simple: At the beginning, every player gets 20 lives to defend. The goal of the game is, of course, to survive your opponents.

To do so, you need to build and later upgrade different kinds of towers to defend your lives agains incoming creeps. If you don't and a creep passes through your board completely, you lose a life. On the other hand you have to send different kinds of creeps to your opponents, so that they will lose their lifes. Additionally, when sending creeps, your income per round (one round lasts 15 seconds) raises. The more money you have, the more advanced towers can be built and the more advanced creeps are available to send. Sounds simple, but believe me, it's all about the right strategy somewhere between defending and attacking to win the game! And of course, there is a lot of detail in placing towers at the right locations and selecting the best fitting tower attack strategy.

Are you smart enough?

CreepTD is a somewhat complex game in the beginning as it comes with a variety of game modes that all play a little different. In some game modes all you have to do is to build towers for your defense while others additionally add another factor for success: The income.

CreepTD is in fact "the mother of all TD games". So, if you played another tower defense game before, most of the following documentation may sound familar to you to some extend. However, if you never played a tower defense game before, never played the tower wars subgenre that requires you also to send creeps or just played rather simplistic ones, these are the basics:

CreepTD basically is about finding the best compromise between attacking your opponents by sending creeps and defending your lives against incoming creeps by building defense structures (towers). At the beginning you get 200 credits, 20 lives to defend and an income per round of 200 credits. If a creep manages to pass through your game board completely, you will lose a life.

Sending creeps will cost some credits but will increase the income you receive with a new round. One round lasts 15 seconds and when a round is finished your credits will be increased by your current income. With this in mind, the best strategy is based on building as few towers as required and sending as much creeps as possible.

When defending, the rule is to place your towers at strategic locations, e.g. where they are able to hit incoming creeps as often as possible to deal maximum damage. On the other hand you have to select the right tower types for the right purposes, decide whether to build additional towers or to upgrade existing ones and later on adjust your towers' strategy settings to deliver best results.

When attacking you gain an advantage by good timing and selecting the most dangerous creep types depending on your oponents' defense setting. Sometimes it may be the right decision to send a wave of smaller creeps and another time there will be a big creep required to put your opponents under pressure.


The game features a set of entirely different game modes suitable for 1-4 players. You can play a SP game against the AI, coop MP games together with your mates or a set of unique competetive MP modes against other players or teams.

☑ All vs. All MP 2-4
Creeps are sent to every opponent. If a creep passes through a player's game board completely, it appears again at the beginning of the same player's game board. The last surviving player is the winner. If you are looking for a fair competitive multiplayer mode, this is the mode to play.

☑ Send to random MP 3-4
Similar to "All vs. All", but the player receiving a sent or transfered creep is randomly chosen. If you gain an advantage depends on which player is randomly choosen for each creep. The winner is the last surviving player.

☑ 2vs2 MP 4
Players 1 and 2 (top) play against players 3 and 4 (bottom). Creeps are sent to both opponents and if a creep passes through one's game board completely, it will be transfared to the team mate's game board. Winners are both team mates of the last surviving team.

☑ 2vs2 Coop MP 4
Similar to 2vs2 but both team mates share a common game board and have to combine their powers to win. Both team mates may build towers anywhere at their common board but each of them will control its own towers only. Winners are both team mates of the last surviving team.

☑ Survivor SP MP 2-4
In survivor mode, creeps are sent by the AI that is therefore using a set of random strategies. Players are not able to send creeps but receive credits for each creep killed. There are no winners in Survivor mode but the last survivor will gain the most points and skill. Additionally every player's maximum reached level will be saved to the highscores.

☑ Survivor Coop MP 2-4
Survivor Coop mode is similar to Survivor mode with the exception that all players play on a common game board. Players are not able to send creeps on their own but receive credits for each creep killed. Every player controls only self-built towers. There are no winners in Survivor-Coop mode, it's all about the level you reach through team play.

☑ Sandbox MP MP 2-4
Try out advanced tactics or just have some fun playing Sandbox. In Sandbox mode there are no winners and no losers, you even cannot die. It's just about trying out new things.

Installation [fr]


En console dans le répertoire du jeu lancez : $ ./CreepTD